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May 7, 2022

Should you kick your adult children out of your house? The number of adult children who’ve returned home or never left has risen over the last decade, leaving some parents with a dilemma.  

If this describes you, how do you make a soulful decision about whether or not to allow your adult children to live with you? The...

May 6, 2022

Is it time to move out of your parent’s house? 

There’s no magic answer to when it’s time to leave your parent’s house. It depends on you, your family and the house. In general, when you feel that you’re being held back or holding others back it’s time to move on. 

During the adulting phase, the

May 5, 2022

Should you buy a house with a partner you’re not married to?  

Buying a house together as a married couple is complicated enough. If you’re not married, there’s even more to iron outOn top of agreeing on the house, location, sharing expenses and merging stuff, an unmarried couple faces more complex property...

May 4, 2022

Is shacking up soulful?  

While some consider cohabitation before marriage living in sin, it’s important to tune into YOUR soul to know if living together is right for you. First, ask if your souls are already married. That may seem like an odd question but my husband and I felt “married” long before our...

May 3, 2022

Should you move into your spouse’s house when you get married? 

Now that you’ve found your soul mate, it’s time to find your Soul’s Home®. But can your Soul’s Home® be a house your spouse already owns? That depends. 

Presumably, you’re getting married because you feed each other’s souls. Since that’s...